A Beginner’s Guide On How To Get Into Real Estate: Step-by-Step Instructions

Real estate has long been regarded as a sound investment, and for good reason. A prudent investment has a good chance of succeeding or making money. The profession of a real estate agent is very diverse. Your day won’t be spent doing the same thing because you’ll be dealing with many clients and going to lots of different residences. But this is the most asked question “How to get into real estate”? We will discuss this question in our blog today!!

Since commissions, which are usually a percentage of the purchase price of the property, make up the majority of a real estate agent’s salary, how much they earn depends on their ability to close deals.

What does a real estate agent do?

The work of a real estate broker is extremely diverse. Because you’ll be working with different clients and visiting different locations every day, your daily tasks won’t be the same.

Both administrative and revenue-generating tasks are performed by real estate agents to earn a living. Typically, agents should plan on spending most of each day at work visiting with clients, showing properties, and negotiating on their behalf.

In the absence of buyers and sellers, there wouldn’t be any transactions—and no commissions. In order to succeed, an agent needs clients. A real estate agent’s day usually involves a lot of networking, exchanging business cards, managing contact details and at times leveraging social media to get more clients.

Agents then follow up with prospective clients on a regular basis via phone calls, emails, conventional mail, or text messaging in order to keep their names top-of-mind.

Why become a real estate agent?

The majority of real estate agents are self-employed. They have the freedom to determine their own schedules and make decisions about how to organise their priorities and time.

The knowledge that they assisted clients during life’s most trying moments gives many real estate brokers a huge sense of satisfaction. Real estate agents may take on the roles of mentor, life coach, and counsellor. For real estate professionals who are passionate about giving back, that may be quite fulfilling.

You’ll find that after spending time learning how to enter the real estate industry and then honing your skills, you truly become informed and skilled at what you do. When customers ask you for advice on the market, you will be prepared.

How to get into real estate?

Real estate sales in India are subject to RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) registration requirements. In order to facilitate transactions for real estate brokers and homebuyers, the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 has regulated and organised the sector. The costs and requirements for RERA registration vary by state.

-Enroll in a pre-licensing class

Before they may take the real estate licence exam, individuals must complete pre-licensing training from an accredited institution, according to state regulations. You will learn about real estate practices, principles, and the legal facets of the industry in this course.

Pre-licensing classes can be taken online or in person, so think about your learning preferences before enrolling.

-Pass the licensing test

Your instructor should go over how to schedule, register for, and pay for the licence exam. A nationwide component covering real estate fundamentals and practises is included in exams, while a state-specific section covering the rules controlling real estate in your state is also included. Exams are computerised and are separated into two pieces.
Each state establishes its own standards for the number of questions and allotted time for multiple-choice exams. To pass the course, you must pass both sections, which are each given a separate grade.

-Get Your Real Estate Agent Licence Activated

You must submit your application, any necessary paperwork, and any applicable costs after completing the test. Remember that you cannot work as a real estate agent unless the state’s real estate authority has granted you a licence.

-Consider becoming a Realtor.

You must join the National Association of Realtors in order to become a full-fledged Realtor—a licensed agent with the right to use that well-known term.


You must work under a supervising broker in order to become a real estate agent and legally practise real estate. To supervise real estate transactions and guarantee that real estate salespeople are abiding by the necessary legal and ethical requirements, real estate brokers are licensed by the state. You might eventually seek a licence to work as a real estate broker as well, but you should first accumulate some experience as an agent.


Now through this content, we tried to answer your question about how to get into real estate. Anyone can become a real estate agent if they have the necessary expertise in the industry, good networking and negotiating abilities, and knowledge of current market trends.

A real estate licence can help you land profitable work in the real estate market, and a career as a real estate agent can offer flexibility. However, getting one requires time and money.